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I have no interest in my game at all.
And I’ve been too tired from work to even open it. I was considering just doing scenery pics cuz my saves are boring me.

I really want to play Sims 2 again. Seeing all these pics on my dash is making me miss the game. But for some reason it never works on my computer :(

And I’ve been obsessed with my new phone.

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Anonymous said:

Do you know of any nude mod for the sims 3? A mod that overrides the censorship?

I use this mod. I believe NRASS has a no censor mod too.

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what town is this?

Fairhaven City by Monsoon

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Stay strong sis.

White feminists have been real quiet. Where are the long dissertations about supporting Jada?

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The Wedding colors are yellow and white

The BeBe and Lavar Clemons 

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When I was born and until the age of three, I was not able to walk. When I was three years old, I was diagnosed with a muscle disease called “Spinal Muscular Atrophy” . At the age of three, I was home with my older sister Asia and I took my first steps. When Asia told everyone, they did not believe her until they saw me walk for themselves. My mother was amazed at the sight. I was able to walk short distances, but I was walking. I was able to play with other kids, but always had to be careful. When I was 10 years old, the disease had gotten worse and I began to fall down often, so I was given a wheelchair. I was happy to have it and my friends were happy too because I could then keep up with them. Now at 16 years old, having a wheelchair is sometimes depressing because I cannot do a lot that other kids my age can do, like get in a car or spend the night at someone else’s house. In spite of all this, I’m grateful for my parents and my sister because they help me a lot. I am grateful for my family who treats me like a regular teenager. I am here to tell you that you should not take things for granted. Be grateful that you can walk and do things on your own. Also be grateful for your family and friends.

Thank you

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Okay guys, I never have posted anything like this before so I’m not sure how to go about phrasing this. Basically, I start my first year as a fully independent teacher (not a student teacher anymore, yay) and I’m very short on cash at the moment. I really want to have a nice classroom for my students, complete with lots of learning materials for hands on activities. The only thing is that teachers have to buy these supplies with their own money, unless they write a successful grant proposal for it. However, since I’m not officially a teacher until August 7th when I report for my first day, I am ineligible for most (if not all) grant money this summer.

So…I started a gofundme in hopes that I could raise a couple hundred dollars to buy things for my classroom. All donations are appreciated, as well as reblogs and shares of this post. I promise that ALL proceeds will go straight back into the classroom. I’ll even show receipts if needed!

Again, thanks for any help and/or signal boosting you can provide!

Let’s help her out guys a dollar here a dollar there goes a long way. Even it is just to signal boost to get it to people willing to help her. 

Signal boosting this! I do hope she gets the help she needs.

I’m a teacher-in-training (English ed.) and know that a fully-stocked classroom does help with student progress. I hate that many teachers do not receive the help they need when it comes to purchasing supplies.

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eeriefrenchkiss said:

Hello! I just wanted to ask how do you take such clear photos of your sims faces in the day light without it coming out all shadowy?

oh … I use psds so that helps to lighten my photos and get rid of shadows and all of that. I also use the brush tool in cs5 to define and brighten certain areas on the face. The psds I use are by pleyita, and I also use topaz clean but I’m not sure if that makes a difference as far as lighting goes.

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I've been getting really bored with my game lately. Right now I'm playing with Stefani & Ashlee again in Strangetown. I may move them to Fairhaven though.