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Foxy Brown 70’s Black Film Icon! 

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My fave African Queens <3


I love them!

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Anonymous said:

Hey, where can I get those adult foamposites?

I believe chunkysims made them.

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merrymary24 said:

Hi sorry just want to ask if you can put the music back on your tumblr pretty please? Whats the reason you took it off?

oh, I changed themes and never replaced it. I forgot all about it. I’ll add it back this weekend.

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I have no interest in my game at all.
And I’ve been too tired from work to even open it. I was considering just doing scenery pics cuz my saves are boring me.

I really want to play Sims 2 again. Seeing all these pics on my dash is making me miss the game. But for some reason it never works on my computer :(

And I’ve been obsessed with my new phone.

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Anonymous said:

Do you know of any nude mod for the sims 3? A mod that overrides the censorship?

I use this mod. I believe NRASS has a no censor mod too.

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what town is this?

Fairhaven City by Monsoon

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Stay strong sis.

White feminists have been real quiet. Where are the long dissertations about supporting Jada?

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The Wedding colors are yellow and white

The BeBe and Lavar Clemons